The Timothys

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day 24: Beach Day

The white sand and clear warm water...the beaches in the south are heavenly. Brice and I both said today we are going to miss them so much when we have to leave. Today the water was so calm. The air was warm but not too hot and the water was warm but comfortable. It almost seemed like a lake. Levi loved being in the water and it was so nice we didn't have to worry about the waves.  It was so nice. The water was so clear we could see everything....little fish swimming in and out around us, a couple big crabs running away, a few shells, and two huge dead jelly fish. The boys had such a fun time playing in the sand and rough housing in the water. It was a perfect day. It was so nice to feel more freedom because Levi isn't such a baby anymore. It really adds to the ease of doing things as a family. I can see how things will get easier. 

haha this is the best

I hope you have had a happy weekend!!



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